Retailers need to present proof of business registration und will then gain access to the respective date per email.


Minimum Order Value:

  Individuals an business customers:

   - Cards without leaflets: 25.00 €

   - Cars with leaflets: 50.00 €


  Retailers: 50.00 €


Free shipping for orders over 150.00 €


The customer will receive an invoice including postal and shipping charges by email, if requested also by mail.


New customers will need to pay in advance for the goods to be shipped.


Payment on receipt of invoice for subsequent orders is possible once customer has confirmed the correctness of the invoice (Terms od payment: whitin 14 day after receipt of invoice)



When ordering at least 100 cards, the offered postcards can also be shipped as folding cards if requested. This needs to be discussed prior to the order and is a binding agreement.



Single folding cards are generally shipped with individual wrapping including the envelope (high quality linen):

When ordering 20 or more cards they can be shipped

without wrapping (discount of 0.03 € per card), or

without wrapping and envelope (discount of 0.10 € per card)

if requested.

Postcards will be shipped without wrapping. If requested, postcards can also be shipped with a wrapping (10 cars of the same theme in one wrapping)


Partners of Mahtabi Publishing, e.g. authors, will receive a special discount on their order and in some cases might be eligible to buy on a commission basis.